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In a study that examined malicious insider incidents, 62% involved employees looking to establish a second stream of income off of their employers’ sensitive data, 29% stole information on the way out the door to help future endeavors and 9% were saboteurs.


The Challenge

Digital data has put organizations at risk for having their data stolen. Insider leaks can lead to significant financial and reputational damages for an organization and compromise internal applications and systems. The worst part of these data breaches is that the majority of them could have been prevented. Some examples of rule violations include:


User sends e-mail to competitor
User tries to print confidential information
User tries to delete file
User copies files to USB drive


The Solution

Our approach is user-centric and focuses on individual actions. We focus on helping organizations understand the chain of events, shape user behavior and combat the internal threat via automated risk detection and prevention. The process is easy:


Step 1

Organizations identify what they believe to be dangerous behavior

Step 2

Rules are defined in Teramind

Step 3

Teramind begins to monitor and enforce your policies
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