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Who are we?

We are a technology solutions provider – we build strategies and systems.

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What do we do?

We offer rapid solutions to the most complex business challenges using technology.

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Why we do it?

We all aim for growth, and being part of the foundation to your success is what we are after.

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Government/Public Sector

Globally, citizens across the globe require the seamless delivery of government services. Technology solutions accelerate delivery.

Business Services

We consider all the drivers of change – from the ground up and we’ll motivate and support you to make the change.

Financial Sector

Success & Security in the financial sector require one to stay at the forefront of technology adoption due to the constantly changing landscape.

Healthcare Service

The Healthcare industry is undergoing rapid changes as the power of digitization has expanded in to the segments of healthcare providers and customers.

Energy and Environment

Today technology is widely used by environmental and energy experts to monitor and mitigate changes in the climate and environment impact.

Surface Transport &
Logistics Consulting

Logistics Industry requires effective collaboration among various stakeholders across the value chain, productive asset utilization and more.

Using the right tech,
for the right purpose.

We tackle business challenges
using technology.


  • Simple Steps To Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

    Are you doing enough to reduce the risk of having your identity stolen? As you start the New Year, this is a good time to reflect on what kinds of measures you should take to prevent thieves from stealing and using your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for fraudulent activities. As more and more of our personal

    January 8, 2020
  • WordPress finally gets the security features a third of the Internet deserves

    The WordPress content management system (CMS) is set to receive an assortment of new security features today that will finally add the protection level that many of its users have desired for years.   These features are expected to land with the official release of WordPress 5.2, expected for later today. Included are support for cryptographically-signed

    May 7, 2019
  • How Apple users can protect themselves against Spectre and Meltdown

    Many businesses, large and small, have a huge source of great ideas that can help them improve, innovate, and grow, and yet so many of these companies never think of using this amazing corporate asset. What is this highly valuable asset? Its own people.

    January 22, 2018
  • Vulnerabilities reached a historic peak in 2017

    Says Morgan Fraud, the author of The Thinking Corporation, “Given that we are all capable of contributing new ideas, the question becomes how do you successfully generate, capture, process and implement ideas?” Becoming an organization capable of answering this question can benefit in a number of ways

    January 22, 2018
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